Point of view....


Don't foget the old addage "You pay peanuts you get monkeys". Now no one is saying £100 isn't peanuts but in context it isn't enough. Think about insurances, music, petrol, equipment, leads, by the time time you include travel, set-up and playing times then pack-up and travel back, for a £100 you are not even looking at minimum wage. Just think about how important the DJ is to your event and budget accordingly.


All prices for all Disco, DJ and venue lighting services are approximate, please email, phone for a more definate price on choosing one of the best Mobile Discos in the Manchester Area


Groovy Nights Discos Prices


We freely admit to not being the cheapest, but we are not the most expensive either. As we are professional that means we have to have the right insurance (P.L.I.) All our equipment is safety tested (P.A.T), all music is original. All equipment is top quality brands including Pioneer, EVL lighting and HK Audio.

As a guide the average fee is usually around £300-£400 for a 5 hour disco. We feel this represents great value for money for the peace of mind of booking a professional DJ service and for receiving a great night’s entertainment.


18TH Birthday Party, with a large sound and lighting set-up       Wedding disco with small sound an dand lighting but still very effective.


Below are a selction of various differnet Set-ups we have used, I have delibertaly not used 'Bronze, Silver, Gold, for 2 main reasons.......

1- With all discos you will recive the same quality Disco and DJ service, regardless of size of set-up or time needed.

2 - All set-ups are adpatable,  you might want slightly more lighting, or more sound. Or you might want my professional opinion on what would be good with your ideas for the size of room and effect desired. So set packages limit you, when I don't/

1) These set-ups as you can see are vey effective, they may be on the smaller side but these are the most popular. They are ideal for filling the dancefloor with sound and lighting. Ideal for crowds upto around 120 guests.


Mobile disco and dj for manchesterMobile discos and djs for manchesterManchester mobile discos and djs



2) These are the next step up, usually for town halls, and larger hotel rooms. With these you can easily handle 200 guests, and a feew more disco lights. These size set-ups are quite common with 18th and 21st Birthdays, as in some of the smaller venues these are like a mobile night club in effect.


Mobile discos and djs for cheshireMobile dj and discos for cheshireCheshire mobile dj and discos


3) These set-ups are more for the larger rooms or smaller but club effect parties i.e Proms, 18th's and 21st.  Lots more lighting, bigger sound systems. I can do more lighting, and sound that what we have pictured. We can also offer a full on roadshow which can be used as either a mobile nightclub for a smaller crowd of upto 300 or a bigger party rig for upto 600.

Manchester discosMobile discos and dj'smobile dj cheshire


So what ever your party, budget and requirments, I'm sure I can quote avery competiive price for a Professional Disco & DJ Service.

Some variants to bear in mind when pricing......

All prices are dependant on a varitey of different factors. Some things to consider are

Where - What town? The further away means the loger travel time and more petrol. Most towns and areas around the Greater Manchester area will not include additional costings.

When  - What date? Saturday / Sunday premium dates, Friday next in line with the possabillity of Mon-Thurs Discounted prices

Where - What venue and room, If it's upstairs, if access for suppliers is a long and windy distance away. Sometimes these can incure small additional costings due to the addtional set-up time.

How many guests - we'd use a different set-up for a wedding party for 100, or an 18th for 200. Do you want to fill the room or just the dancefloor?

Times - 7.30-midnight is the norm but that doesn't mean we won't start earlier or finish later.

I hope this doesn't put you off, it's here so if you call us, if you have some of this information handy, we can give you a more accurate price.